vendredi 13 novembre 2015

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     18 coaches of the official youth soccer cooperation partner of FC Bayern, global premium soccer (GPS), were guest in Munich from November 3 to 8. The partnership between the German record champion and one of the largest youth soccer organizations in the United States has for a year. Under the leadership of Sebastian Dremmler, head of operations of the junior was team and U15 head coach, the sustainable during the visit, training of GPS coach based on the model of the FC Bayern pushed. In addition to the daily training sessions and meetings on the road of Säben, also visits the training sessions and games of junior were teams.

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    Furthermore, the guests from the United States for the training unit of the pros were invited on Thursday. Following a special meet & greet was on the agenda. The youth coach exchanged with Bavaria's head coach PEP Guardiola and some of the players. On the Saturday visited 18 guests of the FCB at the end of their six-day stay the Bundesliga match against VfB Stuttgart.In almost 100 clubs of the GPS program are about 70,000 youth player, distributed on 14 U.S. States, in the ages U9 to U18 active. In addition to the regular camps in the United States, junior teams are led by coaches of FC Bayern, the cooperation includes a permanent exchange and transfer of knowledge through coach training via teleconferences. In addition, visits of the FC Bayern are offered regularly GPS players.

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    His new high end Smartphone introduced in September with the iPhone 6 s Apple. Faster, sharper photos with a pressure-sensitive display, it was quite convincing in our test. Also the sales numbers are, Apple could sell more iPhones than ever before on the opening weekend. Very well, if there was not this bizarre problem with the GPS.
Because currently there are increasing the users reports, according to which the GPS positioning with the new iPhone anything but reliable works. As the technical experts report "Heise" iPhones thinking they are some streets more than they really are. In part, the position jumps around also. The dysfunctional measurement is regardless of what app you are looking for his location. Google maps is therefore also affected such as the own service Apple maps or traditional navigation apps. Also, which version of the operating system is installed, probably does not matter. The current IOS 9.1 is the GPS just next to it, as when the supplied iOS 9.0. Even in the preview version of the upcoming iOS 9.2 is the error. On other iPhone models, it seems not to be the problem, here everything is running as usual.
LTE and GPS don't mix at the iPhone 6 s

      But why criticizes the GPS bearing the new iPhone? The data connection via LTE is probably to blame. At least in some bands seem to come fast mobile radio connection and the positioning in the way, the correct location is impossible. That seems currently in Germany to affect primarily customers of O2 only in certain places. The report does not call what they are, however. Also users from France, Denmark and the Czech Republic probably facing the outages. If Apple can get the problems in the future with a software update in the handle, is currently still open. One is affected, you can get workaround with a simple trick. In the settings of the iPhone, the "Voice & data" section can be found under the item "Mobile network". It turns off the fast Internet connection over LTE and instead opts for UMTS (3 G), operates the GPS back reliably. Of course this solution is not good. Who uses GPS or LTE but rarely, can leave so after all, permanently on the more important of the two. At least, until a solution from Apple.

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